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Welcome to www.pradhanadvertiser.com (“pradhan advertiser/ Site”). These are the conditions and terms that govern your use of this website (“herein later known as the”acceptable Use Policy “AUP”). By using pradhan advertiser on the web or through any other device that is electronic you accept, acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that are designed to ensure that pradhan advertiser can be used by all users. This AUP is beneficial when you sign into pradhan advertiser. When you accept these terms and conditions, you’re also accepting and accepting that you will be subject to our Policy on Privacy Policy as well as the FAQ.
Accessing Pradhan Advertiser:
You (User) understand and agree that www.pradhanadvertiser.com is an internet enabled electronic platform that facilitates communication for the purposes of Outdoor advertising and distributing information pertaining to and/ or Out of home services. Furthermore, you acknowledge that we don’t endorse, promote, or market all of our Outdoor Media listings, postings or other information or information. We do not ever become aware of or participate in the sharing of any Out of home advertising or services which you have placed on your Ad-Space boards, posted or posted information on our website. When you interact with other users of our site, in relation to any listing, information or posting, we urge that you exercise the same level of caution similar to traditional offline channels, and use discernment and common sense prior to making any commitment to or completing the enquiry or purchasing any Ad-Space media or service or the exchange of any information. We suggest that you review our Privacy Policy prior to engaging in any activities on our site.
While using Pradhan Advertiser and other services like the discussions forums, comments and feedback, as well as other services you’ll post to the appropriate category or location and accept using the Site will be strictly controlled by this AUP. This includes the privacy policy that governs the listing of your OOH inventory of advertisements that does not infringe on the prohibited or prohibited items policies (herein in the following called”Privacy Policy.) (Privacy policy) The Privacy policy will be read in conjunction with the AUP and is contained in the AUP by means of the following locations:
” Your Information” is defined as the information you give us or any other members of this Site in the registration and posting, listing, or replying process for outdoor advertising, within the feedback section (if there is any) via the Direct Blog, Messages or while making use of any other feature on the Services. You acknowledge that You are the legal owner with all rights, title and interests in the information you provide Additionally, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible and accountable in the use of Your Information and that we provide a platform to facilitate your online dissemination and publishing and publication of Your Information.
You accept that you have the following rights to your Outdoor Media listing, posting and/or inquiry information :
> Shall “not be deceptive, falsely represent or mislead in relation in the sales of any counterfeit, illegal or other’s Boards, third-party or stolen boards or products
>shall not be relevant to quality services or products of which you aren’t the legitimate owner, or do not have the authority or consent to the ‘Inventory List’ that are not yours or that you don’t have the right to.
>shall not infringe the intellectual or trade secrets or any other rights of a proprietary nature as well as rights granted to Advertising Media or privacy of any third-party.
>shall not include outdoor ads that are an expression of racism, bigotry or hate due to age, sex or race, caste, religion, class, preference, or nationality or is in the form of demeaning or infuriating to any other person.
>shall not be considered obscene or have pornographic content or be an “offensive representation of women” as defined by the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986.
>shall not contain or allocate spam, multiple or chain letters, pyramid schemes under any form.
> shall not issue viruses or any other technologies that may harm Pradhan Advertiser or the wellbeing or AD Boards of pradhan advertiser users or impose an unreasonable load on the infrastructure or interfere with the proper working of www.pradhanadvertiser.com.
>shall not, either indirectly or directly, make an attempt or to offer, or offer to trade or even attempt to trade any of the boards or services where the trading is unlawful or restricted in any way according to the requirements of any law or regulation, rule or principal at the duration that is in effect.
>shall not be put in an incorrect category or in a wrong part of the website.
>shall not be placed in any other www.pradhanadvertiser.com site except on the site that relates to the city in which you are located.
> shall not list or post or be valid to information that is either barred or restricted under the laws of the Republic of India and such posting , media listing, or information shall not violate www.pradhanadvertiser.com Privacy Policy.
>You consent to receive calls or emails through any other means of communication, whether electronic or in any other way in connection with the services for advertising offered on our website.
>Customer or Client Enquiry for media-related services is only for inquiries about the cost of advertising in outdoor media as well as availability. The request is not a real booking for Ad- Space, by the confirmation from our sales team that a booking confirmation is actually a mail booking of out-of-home ad space.
>During the booking process for outdoor media, all sites are dependent on availability at the time of booking.
>Our site will display only the cost of AD- Space Vinyl, Flex and the cost of artwork not included in the display price.
>Duration of the campaign as well as its Outdoor Campaign will start on the day you have your confirmation.
> During the display time in the event that the Vinyl or flex were torn off, damaged, or theft was averted, we accept no obligation. The additional flex must be provided by the user.
You agree that your listing, posting and / or Information: if you use the Site by registering on the Our Pradhanadvertiser website, you are sole responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your Login User ID, Password, email address and for restricting access to your computer, computer network and your www.pradhanadvertiser.com account, and you are liable for all activities that occur under your User ID and password. If you make contact with our Site by using any other electronic device other than registration on the site The AUP will apply to you the exact way that if you were registered on the site.
pradhan advertiser inventory content:
Pradhanadvertiser’s website includes content that contains Your Information Pradhan Advertisers information, and also from other users. The user agrees not to share, distribute the content, modify it, copy it or copy any of the information (other than your Personal information or inventory), pradhan advertiser ‘s copyrights or trademarks. When you submit any information in connection with your content, you grant us an permanent, irrevocable and world-wide non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable licence and right to reproduce, use and publish, translate the content, distribute it, and display the content (in all or in part) all over the world through the Site, as well as through any affiliates’ or partner websites, subdomains as well as on mobile platforms. We require these rights in relation to the information you provide in your content to host and display your content. If you believe there’s a breach check Our Privacy Policy and click on the DMCA copyright Icon in the footer of our privacy policies page.
We reserve the right to remove any content if there is a reason to suspect the breach of these terms, as well as our Privacy Policy, or of any rights of a third party.
Conditions of Liability
You agree not to hold www.pradhanadvertiser.com or any of its agencies, employees, officers, Clients responsible or responsible for any of your media listing, review postings or information and nor shall we, our team, employees or agencies be liable for any misuse, illegal activity or third party content as most Media listings or information are generated by different users directly and we do not have any role in the formation, publication or distribution of the posting, ad listing or information, nor are we in a place to have editorial manage over the material or content contained in the postings, information or Outdoor Media listings save and except to the extent provided in Privacy Policy.
You acknowledge and agree to the same belief that we cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy or legitimacy of every Outdoor Media listing, posting or information provided by other users. You also acknowledge that Book and its group is not responsible for any damage to reputation, business, or goodwill or other specific direct, indirect or significant harms arising from the use of our website or due to any sales, bookings or purchase, or sale of Outdoor Advertising services and online bookings made by others who use the website. We do not guarantee uninterrupted or uninterrupted access to our services. So, in the event that it is legally permissible, we disclaim any implied warranties, including those of the merchantability, board structure fit or the quality of the Website and the services we provide.
User’s Infraction
You agree that in the event that your listing on the media, booking or Buying, or posting your information infringes on any of the provisions of this AUP, or terms and privacy Policy We reserve the right to end and/or suspend your account of this site and refuse to grant you or any other person on your behalf access to the site.