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Hard work, Dedication and Sincerity defines Pradhan Advertiser. We are committed to bringing excellence to Out-of-Home advertising through product innovation, robust designs, unparalleled services, and strategic locations. Our company’s striking advertising portfolio includes Billboards, Street furniture, Transit Media, and Ambient.

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Branding is the process of giving a meaning to specific organization, company, products or services


Hoarding billboard advertising has grown as technology to reach market.

Mobile Billboard

Mobile billboard advertising has grown as technology to reach market.



We communicate repeat exposure more effectively than any other advertising medium.


Start building your brand by choosing the strategic one. An industry in which your brand has expertise.


A company's strategic process determines its success.


We communicate repeat exposure to business messages more effectively than almost anything.


Start building your brand using the strategic one. This industry is where you can build your brand using strategy.


The strategy of a company can only be as effective as its business. That's why expectations are important.

Marketing Objectives

Achieve Broad Brand Awareness

OOH is perhaps best known as a powerful branding medium. In order to drive awareness, plan your OOH buys to achieve high penetration in key markets, optimize for broad reach and high frequency, and utilize high-impact ad formats that are sure to be seen.

Reach a Niche Audience

New formats and technological advancements have drastically enhanced OOH's ability to target niche audiences. Pradhan Advertiser has over 450 audience filters seamlessly integrated into our OOH platform, making it super simple to reach your desired customer segments.

Generate In-Store Foot Traffic

Strategically-placed OOH ad units positioned near store locations are known to boost in-store visitation. Pradhan Advertiser's point-of-interest (POI) search feature allows you to easily identify all of the OOH inventory near your store locations.

Drive Ecommerce or Web Conversions

To spur website visitation and action, use street-level OOH ad formats, feature direct calls-to-action in your creative, and optimize your buys based on website visitation (not just impressions). Pradhan Advertiser's analytics suite makes it easy to measure the web traffic that originated from an OOH ad exposure.

Generate Efficient Direct Response

Using Pradhan Advertiser's proprietary price guide index and predictive performance filters, it's easy to identify OOH ad units that are a great value and those likely to deliver stellar performance for your DR objectives.

Drive Social Media Mentions

Amp up the creativity in order to generate social mentions. OOH's flexibility allows you to execute almost any out-of-the-box idea you can dream up. Also consider dramatic and high-impact ad formats like wallscapes.


Billboard advertising creates an instant impression and has excellent recall rates

We work in any domestic market, and internationally. With a few details we will quickly present you with the best available billboard locations in the areas.


Transit Media


Outdoor advertising is continuously changing with the modern world

Through our service you have access to the ENTIRE billboard inventory available in the areas you are looking to advertise in.

  • Best available billboard locations in the areas
  • Simplify your billboard advertising
  • Find the right billboard advertising locations


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Campaign Strategies

New Store Opening

Strategically-placed billboards can reach consumers who live, work, or play near your newest location with unparalleled precision. In densely populated urban areas, also consider alternative OOH formats like wild postings or transit ads.

New Market Launch

No other medium is as well suited to promoting a new market launch as OOH, since it's embedded within the community and provides broad local and regional reach on an extremely efficient CPM. To make a big splash, aim for high reach and frequency. PradhanAdvertiser's map-based platform makes it easy to promote new market launches throughout the Odisha and abroad.

Event Amplification

Want to make a big splash at an event (without shelling out the big bucks for official sponsorships)? Consider OOH ads positioned nearby the event venue, transit ads to reach visitors on their way to the event, and truck ads throughout the event footprint.

New Product Launch

Drive new product awareness with OOH ads that are creative, bold, and designed to induce conversation that can spur PR buzz. In addition to its ubiquity, rapid mass reach, and high frequency, OOH is particularly well-suited for new product and brand launches because it gives a perception of legitimacy that's unmatched in other mediums.

Cause Marketing & PSAs

OOH is an ideal medium for cause marketing, since it's viewed as more trustworthy than other mediums, is brand safe, and is unique in its ability to reach everyone - even populations that are on the wrong side of the digital divide. Pradhan Advertiser's audience filters and map-based platform with street-view imagery make it easy to uncover well positioned ad units to spread public messages.

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